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Are you planning a private evening party, raising fund for a charity, looking to organize a team building event for your team or giving a thought to conduct an extraordinary event for some special occasion, but don’t know how and where to plan out your event? Are you looking for some great game plus treasure hunt activity where you or your guests or your friends try to solve a series of puzzles by using proper good teamwork, creativeness, and coordination skills, along with proper time management?

You are at the right place, and our experts can assist you in the selection of quality service, along with proper execution of event with fun! Hunt-India’s Treasure Hunt can be your most memorable and exciting way to participate and enjoy exciting game full of knowledge which will keep you or your group entertained.Be it an indoor or outdoor activity for five people or 500 people, Hunt-India always focuses on fresh and original concepts and create memorable treasure hunt events. Professionals involve themselves in the hunt programs and analyze, customize and deliver the right model to the specific needs.

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Treasure hunt for all occasion

Every individual is born with different talent(s); while some have musical skills, there are others who have acting or singing talents, science, and technology, or art and craft, etc. Hunt-India plays to play a vital role in conducting various treasure hunt shows to expose these talents of the unknown youthful artists from India.

Treasure Hunt with Hunt India- innovative, fun and interactive

In a game of Treasure Hunt with Hunt India, you got to play against other team and carry out your reactions by the actions to what their moves that’s going to happen to be in reality like in a real game. In an indoor or outdoor event, with us, you can see the live scorecards; follow videos, GPS, maps, internet, cameras. And all these could be available for you right on your palm in your hand either on an iPhone, Android Smartphones or tablets or even on a piece of paper as a clue. These activities will create a significant friendly competition amongst the friends and family with a lot of fun and creativity. Whether you are planning the special occasion in the home or a hotel, Hunt India provides you with its tailored and readymade venue based game of Treasure Hunt specially designed for an indoor or outdoor event.

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You can assure of getting best enjoyment with the extraordinary quality games and the unique services. We give you the opportunity to call us to discuss the occasion, venue, event as not all treasure hunts are same and get a quotation as per the requirements of yours. Our assurance lies in the fact that we have got the most trained professionals and qualified consultants along with most inclusive resources that can make these treasure hunt or team building events most fun, unforgettable and safe

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