‘To enable individuals to demonstrate their leadership, problem solving, decision making, logical and reasoning skills in a fun-filled manner while identifying the weaknesses and working towards improvement’

About the creators and the concept

Who doesn’t like to solve puzzles and riddles? As we grow up the puzzle complexity changes. Be it in school or in offices, we all love to participate in contests and win prizes. Nowadays there are lot of free resources and apps on the internet where you can solve different types of puzzles and entertain yourself. The number of downloads of such apps is astonishing. Treasure hunt is a concept which is ancient and well known. It adds twists to the traditional puzzle solving manner by adding a team and competitive spirit to the game. It involves solving sequence of puzzles based on clues, some of which you may be good at interpreting, while others being solved by your team members. It is a group activity which replaces the cell phone app games with one category of riddles to complex puzzles where individuals have to participate in a group thus working on social skills.

Developing a challenging treasure hunt based on the audience type requires thinking from different perspectives, testing of the success / failure of the hunt, developing appropriate stationery, generation of ideas by brainstorming and previously tested techniques.

The group behind this initiative consists of individuals from different industries. It is not possible for one person to come up with all the challenges and set up a successful treasure hunt on his own. Here also we believe in team work and trust.

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