The unique ideas of treasure and Scavenger Hunt is entirely based on the audience type and the demand along with the location or the party. India Hunt has been able to organize different concept based treasure Hunt for all party people from children to the adults. And to be more precise they get clues as per their age too.

The concept changes along with the clues that are designed according to the type of audience present, the theme of the party and as per the location. For example, if it is a birthday party and the audience are mainly children then the clues will be based on graphical notes. Likewise, if it is for any other party we also help you design your ‘designer’ treasure hunt. As per your wish, the themes can be personalized.

—Exclusive and Personal Party hunts could be organized anywhere, and it won’t cost much.—

—We offer special customize personalized theme based treasure hunt based on the type of party or get together.—


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