Registration Rules

  • Registration fees for each contest is different depending on the contest/event type, complexity and number of levels of the hunt.
  • To participate in a contest, you must use a valid email ID & valid mobile number for registration and provide contest/event number and payment transaction details (if paid contest/event) for  confirmation. For free events, mention “not applicable” in the payment id and details section.
  • Please ensure you check inbox and junk/spam folders for all mails from hunt-india. You will receive the registration and contest/event details through email.
  • You must register for a contest/event before the registration close date. In case there is no registeration date mentioned, then the registerations will get automatically closed when the maximum number of entries allowed are reached. Click here for  event registeration.
  • If you have already registered for one contest/event, you need to register again for a new contest/event.

Genral Game Rules – Online

  • The registered user will receive temporary login credentials & link to access the contest/event online. 
  • The link will be accessible on the event date and at the time specified in contest calender.
  • The particpant will need to solve the challenges/ online puzzles and note down the answers to each level on a note pad.
  • Once all the challenges are solved by you, or the allocated time is over, you will be given 15 minutes – 30 minutes to enter all your answers and submit the results to us.
  • Number of levels for each contest may be different.
  • The answers to the challenges on the levels need to be communicated to using the submission form at the end of the contest – Mandatory to be eligible for the prize
  • Prizes will be announced prior to the contest start time and winners will be declared within 7 business days.
  • To solve the puzzles, you need to have puzzle solving skills. You may use google or any search engines for reference. Each puzzle will reveal an answer.
  • You can play as an individual or as a part of team. However prize will be awarded to the registered email ID only.
  • Name and photo (optional) of the winners will be published on the website with the consent of the participant.
  • It is mandatory to read the game rules specific to the contest when the contest starts.
  • Please note, game rules for offline contests will be communicated on the day of the event itself.