Scavenger hunt, as the name recommends, is to look for a rundown of things in a gathering or group. The goal is to cooperate in a group and strategize: where will the things be accessible, how to get the things in the snappiest way, and do the activities that best fit the things recorded in the rundown, and so on. The diversion is appreciated by all age gatherings.

A scavenger hunt is a party game in which the coordinators set up a list defining particular things, which the members try to accumulate or finish all things on the rundown, as a rule without buying them. As a rule, members work in little groups, and the objective is to be the first to finish the list or to finish the most things on the rundown.

In varieties of the diversion, players take photos of recorded things or are tested to finish the assignments on the rundown in the most imaginative way. A scavenger hunt is recognized from a treasure hunt where the last includes one or a couple of things that are attractive and finished in an arrangement, while a scavenger hunt basically gathers undesirable or pointless questions in the arbitrary request.

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